The mobile phone is an integral part of everyday life, facilitating contacts and relationships between people. Today it has become very difficult to conceive of life without it. A growing number of users claim to have become "electro-sensitive" to the point of being seriously inconvenienced and in some cases having become ill.

Since its launch on the market, the controversy has continued to rage. Studies have been published and have come to diametrically opposite conclusions, leaving the user at least puzzled.

For those who can not do without it and who want to find a more direct solution to the problem, there is a simple and effective product : Phone pads. It eliminates the harmfulness of the radiations emitted by their laptop, transforming its dangerous radiation into a powerful beneficial field that protects against possible physiological damage.

This system is in the form of a small self-adhesive plate containing a multitude of quantum information. Easy to use: open your notebook and attach the device to the battery. You can also paste it on your laptop at the desired location.


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