Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, grapefruit seed extract has a natural, healthy, safe and no-side effects response to bacterial health problems.

Grapex is a concentrate as high as possible for immune system activation and protection against cellular oxidation.

Grapex is a dietary supplement that calms inflammation, helps the immune system to fight against bacterial invasion.

Cleansing and regenerating for the body, the skin (coprs, face, mouth, lips), can also be used for animals and plants.

Certified by BIO-Inspecta CH-BIO-006.


Directions for use

Internal and external application, combines with natural therapies (homeopathy, phytotherapy) and supports the healing process by energy therapies.

Dilute about 5 drops per dl of water, oil or alcohol. Spray or coat 2 to 3 times a day.

Avoid contact of the pure product with the eyes or mucous membranes! Rinse under running water.



Fiche Technique

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