The skin owes its suppleness to the presence of particular collagen fibers which are poorly renewed with aging, resulting in relaxation of the skin tissue, wrinkles, etc ...
The supply of organic silicon will allow the maintenance of the capital of collagen fibers and thus delay skin aging without the side effects of external collagen applications.

The role of organic silicon in the regeneration of muscles and tendons: it provides suppleness and mobility to the muscles and tendons. It also allows the disappearance of pain.
By its percutaneous action, it helps to reinforce certain functions of the superficial fascia.
Silicon, which increases the total number of red blood cells, indirectly allows a greater transport of oxygen, which the muscles in exercise are heavy consumers. It therefore allows better performance.

Directions for use

Apply Silisal-5 Gel on sensitive areas 3 to 4 times a day.

Do not swallow.


Data sheet

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