Micronutrition, Phytotherapy, natural cosmetics & personal hygiene

TafitNutri has offered a wide natural range of micronutrition and cosmetic products since 2016.

Our products are developed with professionalism by all our Swiss and European partners to offer you the authenticity of the plant world with all its curative and beneficial virtues.

Fully aware of your daily health, we have sought naturalness in its traceability for a reliable result.

Our medical consultants give you the best tailor-made advice according to your specific needs.

"“Let your food be your only medicine”"

TafitNutri, with the symbol of the green lotus, innovation and sustainable effectiveness

The Tafitnutri product range is developed with the know-how of micronutrition doctors, general practitioners and qualified naturopaths, to achieve intelligent formulas that act gently in the body, providing useful substances to avoid deficiencies and help to maintain natural immunity, essential for balanced health.

Concerned about the regulatory compliance of the Swiss food supplement, Tafitnutri collaborates with an independent firm approved by Swiss and international legislation, to examine each formula and validate its quality, from its source to its packaging.

TafitNutri is also a dynamic team that enjoys collaborating with natural health therapists, doctors open to integrative medicine and pharmacies such as pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores that wish to market its products.

Our team at your service

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